Medical Oxygen Devices & Oxygen Delivery for Home Patients

We provide the complete requirements for the storage and transport of oxygen for hospitals and homecare services.
To the Hospital
Medical LOX delivery is carried out using our optimised distribution systems: LOX optimised semi-trailers or rigid tankers are optimised for the mode of distribution used by medical industrial gas companies and distributors based on stainless steel or hybrid aluminium/stainless steel technology, depending on the extent of optimisation require by the medical industrial gas companies and distributors.
At the Hospital
Our liquid oxygen tanks coupled to our ambient vaporisers and regulating blocks provide vital medical oxygen to hospitals.
At home: Oxygen Therapy Homecare
Liquid oxygen for respiratory therapy is easily and safely dispensed using our compact, light and quiet homecare respiratory devices to safely make the transition from hospital to home. The VRV home unit guarantees everyday dependability of in-home oxygen to allow patients with chronic conditions to obtain first class respiratory treatment at home and our flexible, lightweight portable oxygen units provide patients with autonomy to allow an active, working or travelling life.