Air-Water Syringe Tips

Fit most air/water syringes; no adapter required Eliminate air and water co..

Barrier Sleeves

2136 BP Cuff Barrier Sleeve Stop the Spread of Pathogens & Infections ..

Black Rubber Bands

Made of high quality rubber Fits tattoo machines that use size #12 & #1..

Cervical Collars

Decreases the range of motion in the neck immediately after an injury ..


Full-length white coverall Zippered front closure Comfortable s..

Disposable Lab Coats

All coats are knee-length with snap closures Non-woven polypropylene materi..

Disposable Lab Jackets

All jackets are waist-length with snap closures Non-woven polypropylene mat..

Double Sided Prep Razor

Ideal for minor surgical procedures and used in tattoo market for tattoo preparation ..

Double Sided Slipper Socks

A great way to keep your feet warm and dry inside. Very comfortable to wear and made wi..

Emergency Survival Rescue Blanket

Mylar foil material assists in body heat retention in emergency situations Ind..

Emesis Bags

Item No. Description Quantity 4707 Emesis Bag - Blue 6/24/Cs ..

Eye Cups in Sealed Vial

Item No. Description Quantity 3380 Eye cups in a vial (6 cups per ..

Eye Magnet with Loop

Item No. Description Quantity 4203 Eye Magnet with Loop 4/25/cs..

First Aid Cream

Fight infection, soothe pain and promote healing The ..

G3 Advanced Safety Vest

This fluorescent high visibility EMS safety vest keeps personal and medical equipment close at hand...