G3 Backup

The Back Up is a great medical backpack that works exceptionally well in urban or rural areas where ..

G3 Bolus

Not only does the Bolus hold first responder medical supplies, it works as a medication pack that ma..

G3 Breather

The Breather is an all-inclusive EMS airway management pack for airway control and oxygen therapy. O..

G3 Clinician

Designed as a quick first in EMT Jump bag for Medics who only need the basic Airway, Breathing, and ..

G3 Competitor

The Competitor is our mid-sized EMS waist pack. The low profile design helps the pack to ride tight ..

G3 Golden Hour

The first EMT helicopter pack ever designed by StatPacks. The Golden Hour is the perfect pack for us..

G3 Intravenous Cell

For an EMS I.V. Bag, this foam molded book style design helps keep IV therapies organized and at you..

G3 Load N’ Go

The Load n’ Go is an ideal medic backpack for fixed wing and critical care transport, ambulance and ..

G3 Medslinger

The Med Slinger is the original EMT pack that doubles as a sports medicine pack. Use this soft sling..

G3 Perfusion

This EMS backpack is great for all EMS Clinicians. Two main compartments and three external pockets ..

G3 Quicklook AED

If you need an AED backpack, the QuickLook is built to accommodate most Automated External Defibrill..

G3 Tidal Volume

If you are looking for an emergency oxygen pack, the G3 Tidal Volume is here. We feel it’s one of th..

G3 Trainer

The Trainer is our largest EMS waist pack. Compression wings help stabilize the load. It comes with ..

Statpack Load N’ Go /ALS

Statpack Load N’ Go /ALS..