Krinkle Gauze Rolls and Sponges

  • Krinkle Gauze Rolls and Sponges
  • AED110.25
  • Brand: Dynarex
  • Product Code: LTD-500-149
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Gauze Roll:
Soft, highly absorbent primary or secondary dressing
Manufactured of pre-washed, fluff-dried woven gauze
Krinkle weave provides cushioning support and protection for sensitive wound areas
4.5"×4.1 yds
6 ply construction
Super Sponges:
Highly absorbent fluff-dried gauze
Unique construction and diamond fold offers cushioning protection for the wound site

Item No. Description Quantity
3161 Krinkle Gauze Roll-sterile 100/Cs
3162 Krinkle Gauze Roll-N/S 100/Cs
3163 Krinkle Super Sponges - 6" x 6.75" 12/20/Cs (480)

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