Specimen Containers

  • AED918.75
  • Brand: Dynarex
  • Product Code: LTD-500-155
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4 oz. sterile containers are a must have for any medical facility or clinic
Tab type, tamper-evident
Individually bagged or in bulk plastic bags
Made of strong flexible polypropylene material
4254 Specimen Containers has a patient ID label applied to the container (the sticker also says Sterile and holds the lid closed).
4256 is non-sterile and does not have a sticker.
4234-Stool Specimen Container
Made of Polystyrene material
Screw on cap, makes for a secure fit
Comes with ID label for easy identification

Item No. Description Quantity
4234 Stool Specimen Container - Polystyrene 100/Cs
4253 Specimen Containers - Sterile, (individually wrapped) - 4 oz 100/Cs
4254 Specimen Containers - Sterile, Bulk - 4 oz. 100/Cs
4256 Specimen Containers - Non-sterile, Bulk - 4 oz. 500/Cs

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